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Scrap Magic promotes play and creativity using scrap waste materials.

We collect scrap materials which have been reclaimed from local businesses and either sell them in our scrap store or loan out in packs.

At our base at Springfield Community Centre we have a scrapstore and resource library.

Everyone is welcome to visit us to source exciting materials for creative projects.

The benefit of recycled and re-used scrap resources is the freedom the offer for play and creativity. They are low cost which fits with our ethos to be a low cost service so everyone can use us and introduce creativity at home or work.

The resources provide for endless creative opportunities in play and exploration, they help children develop and use their imagination, play with each other and develop motor skills.

For more information find us on Facebook. Check out our new website www.scrapmagic.org.uk or call Jenny on 07974196113


Scrap Magic is based at Springfield Community centre, Idlethorp Way, Bradford, BD10 9JB.