The approach of Forest Schools is aimed at providing valuable social, emotional, and physical learning opportunities to children (and in some cases adults) of all ages using local outdoor environments like woodlands to run activities such as:

Adventurous play
Team challenges
Full size tool use (such as saws and knives)
Fire play
Problem solving
Woodland crafts
Natural painting and jewellery
Den building

By setting clear boundaries for behaviour while allowing participants the freedom to do things they might not normally be able to, Forest Schools is widely recognised as promoting:

Self Awareness
Self Regulation
Intrinsic motivation
Good social communication skills
A positive mental attitude, self-esteem and confidence

The value of this method of learning can be profoundly noticeable in young people who struggle to fit into conventional teaching environments. The respect demanded in each session for the woodlands in which they are working also serves to strengthen their links with the natural world around them.

To learn more about Forest Schools contact Jen, our Forest Schools practitioner, at the BCEP office on 01274 223236.

Forest Schools is kindly supported by:

Garfield Weston