Minibeast Hotels

These structures are simple, cheap and fun to make and can be sized to suit any group or area.


The standard pallet hotels are designed with layers, containing different materials to create different conditions, suitable for a huge variety of minibeasts.  Children can learn about different minibeasts and the environments and conditions they need to live in whilst building them somewhere safe to live.  The also explore different materials and how they affect the conditions created for the minibeasts.  For example, rocks and stones on soil at the bottom of the hotel create dark, damp places to hide for creatures like slugs and worms.  Rolled up cardboard creates dry, insulated beds for hibernating ladybirds in winter.

We can also create log piles for minibeasts and small mammals like hedgehogs, as well as a range of smaller habitats for individual creatures, like lacewings or solitary bees.



Educational value: Construction - dexterity and coordination, habitats, properties of different materials, learning about lifecycles, minibeast hunting and identification, attracts birds for birdwatching


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